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Five Questions for Evaluating Cross-Screen TV Measurement Providers

  • - Shringar Pangal
  • 1 min read

With every marketing dollar being scrutinized more than ever before, now is the time to make sure your cross-screen TV measurement partner is transparent about their methodology so you can be sure they meet your needs. We’ve put together an infographic on the five questions you need to ask and why it matters. 

  1. Which datasets power your TV measurement campaignsis there diversity and scale?
    • Details you want to know: Does it have both ACR (automatic content recognition) and STB (set-top box) data sources? 
  2. What are the different types of video viewership that your measurement report captures? 
    • Details you want to know: Linear, VOD, SVOD, streaming, OTT, and the new and latest OEM inventory (such as first screen ads).
  3. How are you capturing the cross-screen ad experience of my consumers?
    • Details you want to know: Is the measurement technology you’re using built on a unified TV and digital data set or do you have siloed TV and digital measurement?
  4. What is the identity spine powering your measurement solution?
    • Details you want to know: Is it dependent on a device identifier or IPs or is it built on a stronger people-based identity infrastructure?
  5. What is your methodology for enabling business outcome guarantees?
    • Details you want to know: Does your report come with an enhanced functionality of creating an accurate baseline by removing outliers and accounting for volatilities? 



Download the infographic now!