Together, we are guardians of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

At LiveRamp, every employee is a guardian of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. We work to foster a sense of belonging where everyone can bring their full selves to work.

Our team and company do not sit apart from society—we are part of it.

Issues perpetuated by perceived differences do not stop at the workplace door—thankfully, neither do the benefits of focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion. That’s why our team’s diversity, inclusion, and belonging (“DIB”) efforts are a cornerstone of our innovative culture. Together, we can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, disrupt the status quo, and contribute to a more equitable future.

Why Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (“DIB”)?

We’ve read and affirm that studies that show that inclusive workplaces produce better business outcomes. We strive to make LiveRamp a place where all people can thrive because building an inclusive workplace is simply the right thing to do.


Why is DIB important at LiveRamp?

DIB is important at LiveRamp because building a workplace where all can thrive improves business performance and is simply the right thing to do. Our DIB programs focus on developing intentional, systematic practices that enable people from all backgrounds to contribute and succeed.

Fostering Accountability across Teams

With diverse representation across our business, the DIB Council ensures accountabilities, practices, measures, and mindsets are woven into every team at LiveRamp. Council members interact directly with LiveRamp’s executive team and board in order to keep them apprised of key initiatives and ensure that both sets of perspectives inform how we operate.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe has signed the CEO Action Pledge, along with 1,400 other leaders who represent some of the world’s largest employers. The pledge outlines actions signatory CEOs will take to cultivate an environment where all ideas are welcomed and employees feel comfortable and empowered to have discussions about diversity and inclusion. 

The DIB Pillars



Investing in our people
Investing in our people is foundational to building an exceptional culture where everyone can thrive. We seek out brilliant people from all backgrounds. As one way to make this real, we provide candidates with an unusual amount of information about who we are and how our products work to help level the knowledge base among referrals and direct applicants. Additionally, candidates have the opportunity to speak with members of our ERGs to get a first-hand perspective of what it’s like to work here.


Product and Customers

Stronger solutions are built by diverse teams
Forming teams with diverse backgrounds enables us to achieve our goals of building products that can be used by customers with varying capabilities, which reduces inequities and serves a wider variety of business needs.



Data for Good, volunteerism, and philanthropy
DIB lives outside of office walls. We have invested in, which includes opportunities for volunteerism, philanthropic initiatives, employee donation matching, and our Data for Good initiative, which enables organizations to use data to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

Putting our values into action

  • Our Employee Resource Groups

    Our employee resource groups (“ERGs”) exist to support the growth and development of our employees, communities, and business to increase diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
    Currently, we have seven ERGs: EQUAL, LatinX@LiveRamp, Veterans@LiveRamp, Women@LiveRamp, RAMPability, Black@LiveRamp, AAPI@LiveRamp, and MOSAIC.

  • Generations Represented at LiveRamp

    As of October 2020, four generations are represented among LiveRamp’s employees: we are 4% baby boomers, 19% Generation X, 74% millennials, and 3% Generation Z.

  • $1,000 Annual Company Donation Match Per Employee

    Each year, LiveRamp matches up to $1,000 in charitable donations per employee across thousands of organizations.

What Does Belonging Mean to LiveRampers?


Meet Our ERGs

  • AAPI @ LiveRamp

    The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) ERG’s mission is to create safe spaces and empower the LiveRamp AAPI community and its allies to have conversations about Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander experiences and so we can learn from each other.

  • Black @ LiveRamp

    Our mission is create a safe space of empowerment and allyship for black employees at LiveRamp. Through agency, organization, and community, we intend to utilize our platform to diversify LR’s employee base, and raise awareness of the black experience.


    EQUAL is a grassroots group for Queer and Allied employees of LiveRamp. We are committed to building a welcome and inclusive workplace community and champion cultural transformation within our company.

  • LatinX @ LiveRamp

    LatinX offers a safe space for our colleagues, friends, and allies to celebrate, promote, and support all genres and forms of the LatinX community. Our principles are based on awareness, understanding, support and giving back to our community.

  • RAMPability

    RAMPability exists to empower differently abled LiveRampers and their managers to be able to fully tap into their strengths and realize their potential

  • Veterans @ LiveRamp

    Vets at LiveRamp exists to build a rich community for military veterans, their families, and their colleagues by focusing on our three E’s: employment, empowerment, and education.

  • Women @ LiveRamp

    The Women of LiveRamp employee resource group works to promote an environment at LiveRamp that supports and encourages women to meet their potential through mentorship, education, and recognition.

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