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LiveRamp’s New Brand Identity

  • - Scott Howe
  • 3 min read

Today we are proud to launch LiveRamp’s new brand identity and introduce a more modern approach that reflects the company we are today, and our role as a trusted partner. By combining elements of energy, dynamism and simplicity, LiveRamp’s brand now visually communicates what we do for our clients every day. 

With LiveRamp, data can do more. Adding a simple slash to our logo creates a literal ramp that represents the elevation of the enterprise and accelerated growth. Like our simplified look, LiveRamp makes it easy to deliver on the original promise of data—to unlock insights that drive tangible value—by providing solutions that offer more control, more access, more insight and more collaboration than anyone else.  

To illustrate, we offer these examples: 

  • LiveRamp is embedded everywhere, so our clients are never locked into one vendor. We live where data lives, whether within a client’s infrastructure or through secure and permissioned partner collaborations, so they have more control to keep or change any part of their technology stack to meet their needs. 
  • When data deprecation threatens to expand the data divide, we provide more access to data—within the enterprise itself and through partnerships—so our clients can deploy data strategically to strengthen their competitive advantage. 
  • To enhance customer intelligence and drive more insight, we offer neutral, people-based measurement across channels and platforms, including across screens, as well as configurable analytic tools within our platform.
  • We open up audiences and enable more collaboration between advertisers and some of the largest cable, app and digital publishers around the world to enhance reach and expand addressability

LiveRamp’s mission has always been to make it safe and easy for companies to use data. And now we want to give you more—more control, access, insight, collaboration—and above all, more value. 

How? By enabling our clients and partners to generate ideas and to discover meaningful new opportunities for their businesses. For example, many companies recognize their own data is insufficient and that data collaboration with partners could drive more insight if data access, permissions and security can be effectively managed. Through our platform, we make this possible and effective.      

How else? By empowering advertisers and agencies to better measure outcomes and enhance customer experiences. Most companies are utilizing television advertising, and are wasting money while they do it. LiveRamp’s solutions can help easily personalize messaging, cap advertising frequency to eliminate overspending, and suppress messages whenever it’s economical to do so.  

And finally, by helping companies achieve higher return on advertising investment in every market where they operate. LiveRamp now supports over 40 international markets with addressable media, and global organizations that work with Facebook, Google, Microsoft or The Trade Desk in the U.S. can now easily extend addressable campaigns to the right audiences around the world.   

With our new brand beacon, we are signaling to the marketplace that LiveRamp offers a radically simple approach to enabling data in more ways than ever. A bold reintroduction? We couldn’t agree more.

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