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Data collaboration is a uniquely powerful way to build enduring brand and business value. It’s how leading brands, media giants, retail innovators, and service providers unlock incremental revenue, discover and activate new audiences, and expand reach.

data collaboration platform

We put the full power of data collaboration to work for you, with every protection and endless possibilities.

Build deeper relationships by tapping into a global partner network with incomparable scale and reach. Collaborate flexibly, wherever data lives. Protect trust with uncompromising consumer privacy standards.

  • The right foundation is everything

    See your customer clearly and ensure accurate measurement with robust foundational identity. Protect trust with the highest standards for privacy and data ethics.

  • The vivid customer view you need

    Connect the dots for a deeper, richer, and more dynamic understanding across an increasingly complex journey.

  • The power to go wherever data lives

    Support the widest possible range of use cases and collaborate anywhere, inside and outside your walls, with our flexible global platform.

  • The largest partner network anywhere

    Connect with more customers in more ways by plugging into the industry’s most expansive, data-rich network.

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Unmatched leadership, innovation, and data richness.

  • 900+

    global customers

  • 650+

    integrations with top-quality partners

  • 50+

    granted patents and a commitment to continued innovation

Purpose-built Solutions

Seamlessly integrate data to improve every customer interaction

Leveraging LiveRamp to power your data infrastructure can transform how your enterprise engages your customers, empowers analytics teams, and helps you maximize the value of your data.


Data collaboration

LiveRamp provides a full suite of collaboration tools to improve customer intelligence. Remove boundaries with appropriate access and control privileges for each of your teams and across single or multiple partners.

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Identity resolution

LiveRamp helps you build, configure, and maintain a unified view of your customer, easily connecting customer data from any and all data sources.

  • Ingest and access first-party data from across identity spaces to build a strong data foundation
  • Resolve online and offline customer data at the person, household, or event level
  • Create and model audience segments using connected first-, second-, and/or third-party data
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Data activation

LiveRamp enables you to activate your audiences across a wide range of online and offline channels, adtech destinations, and Mar Tech technologies so you can create more personalized and engaging customer experiences at scale.

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Campaign measurement

LiveRamp provides a more accurate view of campaign performance across platforms and channels so marketers can quantify business outcomes and optimize quickly to improve return on advertising spend.

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Data Marketplace

LiveRamp simplifies access to safe, global, and trusted third-party data. Discover and analyze data sets to strengthen your strategic approach to data with pricing options that meet your needs.

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