As The Cookie Crumbles: The Perfect Storm

Tune in to hear from industry influencers in LiveRamp’s webinar series that takes a look at the drama as it unfolds around the deprecation of third-party cookies. Take a coffee break and be a part of the conversation, as industry leaders discuss the future of the online advertising ecosystem.

Next Up: The Fix founder Simon Andrews along with LiveRamp’s Zara Erismann and Christian Carlsson talk about key issues facing the industry as publishers look to develop strategies to weather the storm.

Webinar Details:
Date: On-Demand
Duration: 30 min


Simon Andrews, Founder, Mobile Fix
Simon Andrews has worked in digital for the last 20 years, starting & running businesses that help brands profit from the new opportunities digital enables. His role leading consulting firm addictive draws upon this experience and his deep domain knowledge of Digital, Mobile and AdTech. A recent project was helping The Media Kitchen launch in Europe. His weekly newsletter Mobile Fix has subscribers at Google (500+) Snap, FB, eBay, Yahoo etc. as well as many VCs brands & agencies.

Zara Erismann, Managing Director, Publishers (EU), LiveRamp
Zara brings over fifteen years of experience in the technology sector, and most recently built the publisher base across Europe with her former company Index Exchange. Zara works closely with publishers, as well as Privacy and Publisher Implementation teams to scale LiveRamp’s publisher network.

Christian Carlsson, Global Solutions Architect, (EU), LiveRamp
Christian leads the technical rollout of LiveRamp’s offerings to partners and publishers in the European market and is driving adoption of new technologies for the business and its clients. With a background in strategic consulting for top tier organisations, Christian is well versed in the implementation of enterprise- and industry-wide solutions.

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Simon Andrews
Zara Erismann
Managing Director, Publishers (EU)
Christian Carlsson
Global Solutions Architect, (EU)