Data Monetization: Fueling Revenue Growth

In the fast-paced world of data-driven opportunities and changing consumer behavior, a successful data monetization strategy is essential for staying ahead of your competition.

Diverse Monetization Pathways

At LiveRamp, we recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to data monetization goals. Your data monetization strategy needs to be as unique as your business and consumers. Our solutions offer a variety of pathways to turn your data into revenue:

  • Enable Segments on LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace

    Maximize your data's value in a privacy-enhancing way by syndicating segments on our marketplace. This approach opens doors to data buyers, expanding your reach and boosting your data-driven earnings. You’ll also stay in control over who can and cannot access your audiences to ensure existing partnerships and revenues remain intact.

  • Build New Audiences With Collaborative Insights

    Customize and tailor your audiences to the unique needs of buyers through data collaboration. With the unique data attributes available to you, your brand will be able to attract a broader range of data buyers, driving more incremental revenue for your business.

  • Forge Strategic Ad Tech Partnerships

    Collaborate with industry-leading ad tech partners in LiveRamp’s premier, global partner ecosystem. Make your data available across a robust set of platforms (DSPs, SSPs, MVPDs, CTV, DMPs, and Social) without ever moving it, and unlock revenue opportunities on any platform your buyers choose.

  • Enrich Your Data Strategy With More Third-Party Data

    Enhance your data strategy by tapping into privacy-focused third-party data from new partners. This addition can fill intelligence and attribute gaps in your data, powering enriched audience insights and personalized customer experiences. Collaborating with other third-party party sellers and advertisers will help you tap into new markets, accelerating your company’s revenue growth.

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The LiveRamp Difference

  • 600+ Integrations available for data monetization, across DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, Social, and MVPDs/TV Platforms

  • 245MM people-based identifiers to match against your universe

  • Best-in-class match rates for multiple IDs

  • Match audiences against multiple identifiers (mobile, CTV, and more)

  • Average of 12 offline DID touchpoints per person (including email, phone, address, etc.)

  • 4B+ entity representations of offline records

  • Privacy-conscious technology built to minimizing any risk of re-identification

  • Compliance support for access and opt-out management

Begin Your Data Monetization Journey Today

Regardless of your industry or business size, LiveRamp’s data monetization solutions offer a clear path to success and have been proven to unlock new channels of revenue growth. We can help you make stronger, data-driven decisions, deliver personalized customer experiences, and turn your data into a powerful revenue driver.

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