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Reaching First-Party Audiences with LiveRamp B2B Onboarding

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For B2B marketers, finding your target audience can be like peeling back the layers of an onion. People change jobs, use different devices, and decisions might require entire buying committees, all increasing the complexity of reaching the right people across marketing channels. Luckily, onboarding your first-party data unifies offline data and maps professional data to personal, at touch points that matters, so you can confidently market to your target audience.

A centralized identity resolution solution across channels enables a 360-degree marketing strategy, connecting the dots to help you see your prospects more holistically and identify where and when you could be upleveling your marketing efforts. Data onboarding specifically designed with B2B marketers in mind enables more efficient lead conversion, upsell, cross-sell, personalization, and measurement

LiveRamp’s privacy-first, deterministic people-based identifier, IdentityLink, is at the core of B2B onboarding. Leveraging LiveRamp’s B2B Identity Graph, marketers can map personal data to professional data, creating a holistic view of your target audience. LiveRamp B2B customers experience omnichannel reach, with match rates of over 60% for B2B audiences.

To learn more about how B2B onboarding with LiveRamp B2B can enhance your B2B marketing campaigns, check out this webinar. If you’re interested in getting started with B2B onboarding for your ABM campaigns, email us at [email protected].

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