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Tuning In to Outcome-Based TV

  • - Tara Franceschini
  • 2 min read

The concept of television has grown strikingly complex. After all, multi-screening is the new norm. “Television” shows are often accessed on computers, and smart TVs offer unprecedented viewing options. This complexity means determining ROI on expensive television marketing efforts can be especially challenging.

During our RampUp panel on maximizing digital and TV ROI, moderator Ethan Settel spoke with Michelle Mader, media director for PetSmart, about how best to navigate the changing landscape of television marketing. She explains it as a journey where she is iterating to find the best way to plan, buy, and measure cohesively together.

Proving the worth of investment

With brands spending a substantial share of their budgets on TV, it’s critical to connect these video experiences to searches, website visits, and ultimately purchases. Marketers need to be able to measure, track, and prove the power of their premium video wherever a person is watching it. This cross-screen measurement means being able to capture all eyeballs to gain a better understanding of how all channels are working together. But viewability and trackability are still barriers to measuring video, so marketers have to patch together methods and metrics that impact media decisions without having the full picture. 

Well, that’s not good enough. TV is extremely powerful, and we know it. Some marketers have already started negotiating with media partners to guarantee results based on agreed-upon custom KPIs and business outcomes, and there’s reason to believe that approach may become the norm in the future. 

Banking on outcomes

The move to outcome-based measurement was the hot topic when Jim Nail of Forrester sat down with a panel during RampUp to discuss the future of outcome-based ROI with Christa Rimonneau, SVP Sales Agency & Advertiser, Amobee; Michael Piner, SVP Video Investment, Mediahub; Michael Scott, Head of Brand Sales, Samsung Ads; and Ethan Heftman, SVP, Precision & Performance Advertising Sales, A+E Networks. 

The advertising world has moved largely from being educated about data-driven TV to entering a testing phase. It’s time to put the data to work across channels including TV.  

Check out what the panel had to say about the move to outcome-based measurement and learn how LiveRamp can help power your TV strategy, from planning and activation to measurement and actionable insights, at scale.