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LiveRamp and The Trade Desk Deepen Partnership with Interoperable Support for RampID and UID2.0 in Europe

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“We’re almost at a $1 trillion TAM in advertising and that doesn’t even include the data business. There’s enough for everybody if you add more value than you extract,” said Jeff Green, Founder and CEO of The Trade Desk, in RampUp 2022’s opening fireside chat with Scott Howe, CEO of LiveRamp. 

This sentiment speaks to the strength of innovation in our industry and underscores LiveRamp and The Trade Desk’s shared ethos of building a more interoperable, global data ecosystem in which all can prosper. This belief is at the core of our years-long partnership that continues today with The Trade Desk’s announcement of our expanded collaboration in Europe. Together, we colead an industry-wide effort to bring a new, privacy-centric, interoperable ID solution to the European market. 

The Trade Desk will develop the European Unified ID (EUID), and LiveRamp will provide the essential infrastructure via our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to bring EUID to market. RampID will be interoperable with EUID, enabling our clients to send both IDs to The Trade Desk for activation to maximize scale. In the U.S. today, marketers can buy on RampID within The Trade Desk’s platform, enabling them to connect their data to meaningful consumer experiences across display, mobile, in-app, and CTV without relying on third-party cookies or device-based identifiers. In the next few months, marketers will be able to do the same in Europe. 

How LiveRamp and The Trade Desk work together

What this looks like in practice today takes just a few clicks, as shown in this demo of how Connect and Solimar work together to activate your audiences at scale:

Interoperability—a means to a world that is more rich in data

On stage, Jeff and Scott also dispelled the myth that LiveRamp and The Trade Desk are competitors. “We both talk about interoperability and because of this, people think we are competitors,” Jeff said. “The Trade Desk helps buyers make better decisions in media and LiveRamp is the ‘Rosetta Stone’ that makes it so RampID can work with hundreds of other IDs. 

“UID and RampID have been interoperable from the beginning. Interoperability is a means to an end—we are [both] looking for a world that is more rich in data,” he continued. In pursuit of this richness, we cannot go it alone. 

“This has to be an industry effort. It’s about collaboration and interoperability, designing a solution that works for anyone and everyone in the industry,” Scott said, echoing his call for connection and collaboration in his opening remarks.

To learn more about LiveRamp and The Trade Desk’s partnership, and the future we are building together, watch the opening fireside chat from RampUp 2022: Build with Purpose. Never Break: Shaping the Future of Data-Driven Businesses.

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