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Watch: It’s a Win-Win: How Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Numberly Build Powerful Data Partnerships in Safe Haven

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  • 2 min read

As Joe Keating, Associate Director, Insights and Analytics, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, explained during RampUp, “The challenge is we are trying to help retailers compete with the biggest and most sophisticated retailer on the planet, who knows everything about everyone. And it’s in our interest to make sure we are balancing the scales and bringing some of those advantages and, with that, we can offer the right message at the right time to the right person. What we’re learning is, when and what you’re saying is just as important as who you’re targeting.” 

So how can they reach their target audience at the right time? With the constantly shifting advertising ecosystem, many brands are losing access to data to fully understand their consumer’s wants and needs. Brands need quality data they can trust—at scale—to help enhance customer insights and fuel loyalty. 

LiveRamp helps organizations safely and securely collaborate with trusted partners and set tailored privacy controls, all to accelerate their business in new, innovative ways. 

Joe also revealed that, “Part of the benefit of [LiveRamp] is that you are starting to put more and more of your points of information in the same place. In the past, we might look at reach and frequency in one place but then look at measurements somewhere else. By putting these things together, the depth of learning that we’re getting is very different.” Joe continues, “Actually measuring the reality of what happened is very different than something that’s survey-based, and I feel like we’re at the very beginning of our journey in terms of what is possible to learn and where we can take this.”

Watch the full session to hear Joe and Thibaut Munier, Co-Founder and CEO of Numberly, discuss how they’ve used LiveRamp  clean rooms to unlock the value of data through safe, secure activation and measurement, improving advertising ROI, strengthening customer experiences, increasing ad buys, and creating new revenue streams.