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Retail Dive Webinar Recap: Going beyond the Data Clean Room

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Successful retailers understand that improving customer experiences and increasing their lifetime value is critical. In order to achieve meaningful interactions, organizations have been leveraging the power of data collaboration tools like data clean rooms to create better, more personalized customer journeys, ultimately fostering business transformation. 

In our recent webinar with Retail Dive, Going beyond the Data Clean Room: How Clean Rooms Are a Stepping Stone to Business Transformation, Vihan Sharma, LiveRamp EVP, Global Revenue shared, “We absolutely believe collaboration is key to improving the customer’s journey in the future, and we believe that collaborative personalization as a use case would be transformative for the retailer as well as the CPG brand.”  

Maureen Noonan, LiveRamp Head of Industry, joined Vihan to discuss what makes a good data clean room, how to unlock the value of a data clean room, and which best-in-class actions can help you achieve results. 

Most importantly, the two industry experts broke down how to begin a data clean room journey and what teams can expect along the way. Vihan suggested starting at the end. “It is very important to not only define success and have a way of measuring the outcome so you know that the partnership or collaboration you’ve just built leveraging a clean room actually delivered significant value to you, your partner, and of course the consumer themself.” 

Maureen suggested getting C-Suite alignment and approval early on in your clean room journey for maximum impact. “We’ve been talking about clean rooms from a marketing standpoint, but clean rooms also have an impact for things like merchandising and supply chain, and so it’s really helpful to have that C-suite executive broader view, as this impacts and drives value for multiple business units.” 

Watch our entire webinar with Retail Dive to learn what you can (and should) do with the data you collect, and how to best leverage collaboration among CPGs, retailers, and publishers.