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Why Attend the RampUp Preconference?

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

If you’ve been to RampUp before, you know that it’s a great opportunity to meet people from all corners of the industry. Movers and shakers from data geeks, premium publishers, agencies, top brands, and technology players – thousands gather at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco once a year to network and learn, all while progressing the industry.

Sounds great! So why, then, should you give up three hours before RampUp to join the preconference on Monday, February 25? These three hours are the only opportunity to hear directly from LiveRamp. Hear about our product roadmap, our predictions for the future, and how our clients are taking advantage of our products and services to drive their business forward.

Since LiveRamp touches so many parts of the ecosystem, serving multiple audiences, we have curated five separate content tracks for preconference attendees to select from, allowing them to participate in smaller, more conversational forums:

  • Brands & Agencies track – where you can hear about LiveRamp’s vision for marketing in 2020, and what leading brands are doing with TV and second-party data
  • B2B track – hear how LiveRamp can help you reach top prospects or accounts with a B2B-centric approach, measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, and run B2B analytics
  • Data Owners track – evaluate new ways to optimize your data strategy to maximize the value of your data, best monetize your assets, and support your customers
  • Technology Providers track – for marketing technology providers and publishing platforms to explore better ways to incorporate identity into your targeting and measurement solutions
  • TV track – where MVPDs, networks, and TV platforms can learn what’s happening with advanced TV and how you can take advantage of people-based TV solutions including addressable, CTV, and more

The RampUp preconference is your opportunity to get an insider’s view on the topics and solutions that are relevant to our industry today. It can give you a perspective on the fascinating discussions you will hear at RampUp – both on-stage and off – and help deepen your understanding of how all these conversations will help us get better at working together now and in the future.

Register here before January 31st to get $100 off your RampUp preconference pass.