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LiveRamp New Partnership Showcase: Ovative and Fluent

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At LiveRamp, not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data sellers, and publishers to our people-based marketing network, but we’re always deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions. We’re excited to showcase our newest partners and the new features available with our existing partners. Read on for the newest data sellers now available in the LiveRamp Data Store, and also the newest platform and publisher destinations now available in Connect.


Ovative Group’s measurement and analytics team provides consulting and services on top of LiveRamp. This year, the LiveRamp platform was integrated with MAP, Ovative’s own proprietary marketing analytics platform. The incorporation of LiveRamp’s identity graph into Ovative’s measurement platform provides clients with people-based measurement reporting and analytics for campaign optimization. 

Ovative built MAP to construct holistic measurement strategies that account for online and offline sales, customer acquisition/retention, and incrementality. The integration with LiveRamp’s robust matched data set allows Ovative to bring holistic measurement to the enterprise level as well as improve their cross-device reporting. 


Fluent’s self-declared, expressly opted-in data is currently available in the LiveRamp Data Store, under Audience Now by Fluent, for activation across all major DSPs. Through listing these data segments in the LiveRamp Data Store, Fluent is able to anonymize and decouple the data from media, allowing marketers to enhance their first-party data and target across mobile, display, and connected TV in a privacy-conscious manner.

Powered by insights from over 190 million U.S. consumer profiles, Fluent’s custom and prepackaged segments—sourced exclusively from Fluent’s owned and operated properties— enable advertisers to reach prequalified audiences at scale. In addition to demographic and in-market data, marketers can access segments spanning the health, home, financial, and auto verticals.

Fluent data is also available for licensing through LiveRamp’s second-party data program, empowering use cases such as audience planning, insights, modeling, and measurement.

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