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Meet the RampChamps: Eric Shaffer, Chief Product Officer, MeritB2B

  • - LiveRamp
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Identity is an acute challenge for B2B marketers who must deal with long sales cycles and buying committees that sometimes change by the time prospects are ready to purchase. Eric Shaffer, Chief Product Officer of MeritB2B, addressed this challenge by creating a B2B-specific identity graph by leveraging LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure, strengthening MeritB2B’s market position. For his vision and leadership, Eric earned the RampChamp Champion of Change award.

Read our interview with Eric below to learn more about the power of identity for B2B marketers and how his role has changed since the company he founded, 180byTwo, was acquired by MeritDirect and renamed MeritB2B.

1. How have you seen your team and business evolve since you’ve been with MeritB2B? How have these shifts changed how you view your role?

Our team is expanding rapidly to support the broader organization. We’re working more closely with brand clients to help them solve major technology challenges, whereas before, our sole focus was on partner enablement. My role has shifted significantly now that I’m solely focused on product. 

It’s an exciting time and we are well positioned for growth since the acquisition, bringing a lot of great resources together for product and talent. The company as a whole is also focused on growth. On January, 20, 2021, MeritDirect officially changed their name to MeritB2B. They are really committed to the solutions they provide, and continue to invest in, for B2B marketers.

2. We nominated you for Champion of Change and love collaborating with you and your team on getting your data on LiveRamp’s identity infrastructure. How has your business changed as the data landscape has shifted, and what role do you see LiveRamp playing in MeritB2B’s continued success?

As we look into the future, our position has to take an agnostic approach to the identity dilemma the industry is facing. As a response to this challenge, we’ve developed our own B2B-specific graph, which has enabled us to diversify the types of data products and solutions we offer to our partners and clients. Partnering with LiveRamp is an extension of this strategy, and access to your identity solutions helps us frame, strengthen, and secure our position in the market as a leader in the B2B marketing technology space long into the future.  

LiveRamp has been a major part of our growth since inception, and with our strengthened partnership, we see nothing but green pastures ahead.

3. We live in an interesting time now, to say the least. What are you thankful for that helped your team cope with immediate change?

I’m most thankful for having an amazing team that has supported each other like a family. Although we were separated by distance, we were never really apart. We continued to work, collaborate, and be just as productive as if we were still under the same roof. 

4. What are you focused on in 2021?

Building really cool B2B and account-based marketing products, continuing to build an amazing team, oh and personally, becoming more balanced.

5. What’s your best WFH tip?

Find a way to rekindle your love of life. We all still have a little bit of a kid in us somewhere.