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Matching Your ABM Measurement Solution to Your Advanced ABM Strategy

  • - LiveRamp
  • 2 min read

Account-based marketing (ABM) has evolved to become a mainstream strategy, as B2B marketers strive to establish a deeper relationship across buying teams at target accounts. We’ve covered the basics of getting started with ABM in our blog series, where we discussed building account lists, audience governance, measurement, and much more. One thing is certain: ABM solutions aren’t a one-size-fits-all technology. 

Recently, LiveRamp commissioned a study by Forrester Consulting. The study found that 79% of marketers surveyed who have an ABM strategy are relying on their ABM platform to measure the results of their campaigns as well. Of that, less than half (46%) felt the ABM platforms were delivering on their measurement needs. The data suggests that as ABM programs mature, the gaps in ABM platform’s advanced measurement capabilities become clearer. The top three areas where B2B marketers seek improvement were, aggregating contact data to target accounts, optimizing campaigns across multiple channels, and managing and monitoring data use.

B2B marketers using a cross-channel B2B measurement solution had a different ABM tale to tell. Almost three quarters (71%) of marketers using a holistic B2B measurement solution said their tools were calculating strong ROI. Notably, the areas marketers reported greatest satisfaction were those same areas that were pain points for ABM platform users. 

Marketers leveraging cross-channel B2B measurement solutions were so confident about the ROI calculations that 50% of marketers who have already invested in a B2B marketing measurement solution plan to dial up their investment in the next year. Committing to that investment during these tough economic times is a bold testament to cross-channel measurement’s positive impact media efficiency. 

As ABM becomes more ubiquitous and your strategy more sophisticated, you’ll learn that ABM platforms alone are not enough to measure the true impact of your cross-channel campaigns. To deliver the highest return on your ABM strategy, you’ll also demand more out of your measurement technology to prove results.