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LiveRamp Welcomes Industry Leader Jay Prasad to the LiveRamp TV Team

  • - Allison Metcalfe
  • 2 min read

LiveRamp’s TV division continues to grow rapidly at a rate of 70% year-over-year since its inception in March 2018. Moreover, increasing customer demand has led LiveRamp to pursue a number of strategic moves across its TV business—through the debut of our Connected TV solution, the acquisition of Data Plus Math, and more. But success in TV and streaming video is a two-part equation, comprised of the best products and the best people. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce the addition of Jay Prasad as Chief Strategy Officer for LiveRamp TV. 

Jay’s TV industry expertise will enable us to solve perpetual challenges in measurement and attribution, further solidifying our position as the connective tissue that unifies marketers, agencies, programmers, and distributors. His hiring also bolsters our executive leadership and injects invaluable TV DNA into our best-in-class team. TV is unique in its technological capabilities and how it’s bought and sold. We need specialized expertise from those who’ve been on the front lines to help us better understand and solve real-world pain points of the TV industry. With more than 18 years of experience in business strategy, sales, go-to-market, and corporate development, there is no one more suitable for the job than Jay. Learn more about Jay’s new role and how he will be helping LiveRamp extend its already impressive momentum in this article.

As the lines between TV, streaming, and digital advertising continue to blur, the industry is in dire need of a neutral, scalable platform that can unify marketers, agencies, programmers, and distributors like never before. LiveRamp TV is arguably best positioned to unlock this massive opportunity, worth billions of dollars in shared value. This is particularly prescient as we look to the 2020 upfronts—a critical inflection point for the industry to move towards a cross-screen, audience, and outcome-based deals between advertisers and programmers/streamers. Learn more about how LiveRamp is revolutionizing the TV industry, including with next-generation TV advertising metrics and analytics, powered by Data Plus Math, a LiveRamp company.