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LiveRamp Extends People-Based Strategies to TV

  • - LiveRamp
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Note: This blog has been updated to reflect the new name for LiveRamp’s identifier to RampID. Learn more on LiveRamp’s solutions for the TV industry.

Today, we’re excited to announce the extension of the LiveRamp platform to TV. Brands, agencies, programmers, and technology platforms can now execute people-based TV at scale.

Introducing LiveRamp’s Solutions for the TV Industry

LiveRamp nowconnects customer-based identities across channels by linking advertiser data with trusted third-party and TV viewership data. For the first time, brands, agencies, programmers, and technology platforms will be able execute people-based TV media planning, buying, and measurement that is scalable and secure across the TV ecosystem. By extending our capabilities to the TV industry, LiveRamp also enables brands to connect the dots across channels. TV can now be incorporated into broader marketing efforts, while the true business impact of TV advertising can be reflected in measurement and attribution. 

TV provides an emotional, immersive experience that remains unrivaled by any other channel in the advertising ecosystem. While development in traditional TV has appeared to stagnate, digital has innovated at lightning speed, and brands have found more success delivering relevant ads to their consumers on digital channels versus TV. Marketers are looking for better targeting granularity and measurement transparency in TV to match what digital ads can provide to get closer to a true people-based omnichannel marketing reality. We are now entering a perfect storm of shifting consumer behavior, data proliferation, and technology advancements, making Advanced TV ripe for an advertising revolution. 

Advanced TV in itself is not new, but how advertisers can now leverage it is. Advanced TV is a catch-all term that refers to several innovations in advertising within premium TV content. It is inclusive of over the top (OTT) (e.g., Roku, Hulu, Connected TVs ), TV everywhere (e.g., ESPN360), audience-based media planning (e.g using granular data to reach a target audience in linear TV), and addressable TV in video-on-demand (VOD) and linear TV (the ability to serve different ads to different households watching the same program).

Reach the Right Audience on TV

Although TV viewing has become fragmented across screens and channels, TV ad buys remain largely based on targeting broad demographics or the shows being watched. Today’s viewers want ads to be relevant. With identity resolution and granular data, marketers can now ensure that those relevant ads reach the right audience. 

With this expansion into the TV landscape, LiveRamp combines the broad-based reach and branding of traditional television with the audience-targeting precision of digital marketing channels, making it a strategic addition to a fully-integrated people-based marketing approach. Marketers have historically been limited to integrating a few social, email, and digital advertising channels.  Through the LiveRamp platform,marketers can now run integrated campaigns across TV, search, email, direct mail, and digital touch points using the same audiences—whether it’sfirst-party data or trusted third-party data from the LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace.

When TV is folded into omnichannel marketing, marketers can get an even better understanding of their customers’ experiences, unlocking new opportunities and enabling smarter decisions with measurable impact. 

Advanced TV campaigns leveraging LiveRamp’s people-based TV offering have seen results like an increase in bookings of up to 50% and up to 40% more foot traffic. 

How the TV ecosystem can benefit from LiveRamp:

    • Brands – Combine the powerful contextual impact of TV with better audience targeting in order to reach audiences consistently across channels, while driving brand awareness and engagement. Bring TV into the fold of your omnichannel marketing strategy,with reach to 80 million households. Use the same audiences—first- and third-party, across any channel. 
    • Agencies – Bring accountability to your TV budget, efficiently service clients while proving cross-channel success, and build your own platforms for advanced TV.
    • Networks/Programmers – Resolve identity across your owned and operated platforms. Whether it’s for TV, on the web, or in applications, maximize audience monetization across screens by reflecting true audience reach and frequency and unlocking new and desirable sales opportunities for advertisers. 
    • Platforms – Provide the technology and integrations to deterministically target audiences anywhere, while offering a turnkey way to extend business with brands and agencies into TV.
    • Data sellers – Become a core component of LiveRamp’s workflow of solutions for the TV industry, with seamless integration of your data for targeting and attribution for brands, agencies, and measurement partners.
    • MVPDs – Offer the most secure way to resolve identity between your valuable viewership data and data sets for addressable TV execution, at the household and individual level. Unlock demand from LiveRamp brands thanks to access to first-party data, third-party data, and audience tools that provide immediate audience counts, saving time. 

Learn more on LiveRamp’s solutions to help you execute people-based marketing campaigns for TV.