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LiveRamp and Ampersand: Partnering to Move the Advanced TV Marketplace Forward

  • - Jay Prasad
  • 2 min read

According to eMarketer, in 2020, consumers spent over 33% more time with CTV than the previous year, and those numbers aren’t expected to drop in 2021, despite the ease of the pandemic. Time spent on CTV, along with OTT subscriptions, smartphones, digital video, and digital audio is expected to remain constant—and even increase this year. As viewership grows and behaviors shift, advertisers are continually looking for new ways to reach their audiences. 

Today, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Ampersand to integrate LiveRamp’s advanced TV solutions into Ampersand’s audience builder functionality in their AND platform, the single largest source of multiscreen TV inventory in the industry. This integration revolutionizes the ecosystem, bringing even more data activation capabilities to the TV industry. 

LiveRamp’s advanced TV solution enables Ampersand’s advertising clients to build custom audience segments and activate and measure across screens and streams. It is the first and only of its kind to offer this full spectrum of connection across MVPDs, OTT platforms, and SSPs. The integration of our advanced TV solution with Ampersand’s AND platform creates scale by enabling advertisers to onboard and combine both first- and third-party data from Ampersand, agencies, and brands. Audience sizing within a single user interface ushers in a new era for addressable linear and cross-screen advertising, making it safe and easy for advertisers to use data effectively.  

Brands and marketers on Ampersand’s AND platform can now build proprietary audience segments using first-party data and third-party audiences from Ampersand partners L2, Polk, and Experian. Advertisers can also include Ampersand’s viewership segments in their custom audiences. 

As a trusted, neutral partner in the TV ecosystem, LiveRamp’s integration with Ampersand’s AND platform marks a step forward in our mission to transform the TV ecosystem. Ampersand’s Vice President of Product Management, Kaylan Lanka, remarks, “There’s no question that the TV ecosystem is evolving—that momentum picked up during the beginning of the pandemic. Audience-based buying will be the way forward in our industry. With Ampersand’s AND platform and its audience builder, powered by LiveRamp’s advanced TV solution, advertisers will be able to self-service their audience creation while also testing and implementing with addressable audiences. Our expanded relationship with LiveRamp is another step forward in our advancement of the TV ecosystem to integrate technology.”

Being able to build custom audiences for multiscreen linear and streaming TV is pivotal for an industry that has inherently set themselves apart, especially when it comes to activation and measurement. Advertisers are accustomed to building custom audiences for all non-TV media investments while planning campaigns from TV that are siloed from other media. As the TV industry reaches a major inflection point, our partnership with Ampersand creates new opportunities for the ecosystem as we work together towards an interoperable marketplace. 

Learn more on how LiveRamp is leading the TV advertising revolution, and reach out to [email protected] for any questions.