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Unpacking the Ingredients to Sun Basket’s Data-Driven Strategy

  • - David Popkin
  • 2 min read

As a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) meal-kit space, Sun Basket has hands-on experience when it comes to reaching and obtaining new subscribers. But wild fluctuations in new subscriber acquisition costs and lifetime value (LTV) in an increasingly competitive market caused the Sun Basket team to reexamine their marketing strategy with the help of LiveRamp’s identity resolution, third-party data, and activation and measurement solutions. 

To reduce uncertainty and ensure marketing dollars were well spent, Sun Basket identified attributes that were predictive of high lifetime value customers. They used identity resolution to deterministically append their existing CRM with variables from third-party data and analyzed the predictive lift of each variable. Once they had identified promising attributes, Sun Basket worked with LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace to identify data partners to supply segments of the desired attributes for testing. 

When ready to activate across these high value audiences, Sun Basket leveraged LiveRamp’s Consumer Social offering to seamlessly activate their third-party audiences across Facebook and other digital channels. To further validate their analysis, Sun Basket measured increased traffic and conversion of higher value customers by isolating spend against each attribute. 

To learn more on how Sun Basket’s Ajay Gopal approached solving marketing uncertainties with data-driven activation and measurement and achieved double-digit improvements in ROI stability and efficiency, check out the webinar, “Why Sun Basket’s Secret Sauce is Their Data Strategy.” If you’re interested in learning more about how LiveRamp’s third-party audiences from our Data Marketplace can help you fill in the gaps of your first-party data, reach out to [email protected]