Webinar Marketing

Media Networks 201: Ask Us Anything

Retail media is on the path to becoming a $107 billion industry by 2027, according to eMarketer. Advertisers are willing to invest significant ad budget to media networks, but they’ll only spend with networks that are proving ROI—and overcoming key challenges, such as increasing signal loss and evolving privacy regulations. 

Now is the time for media networks to get ahead: boost your growth, expand in the market, and establish a solid data foundation with partners. In this short Q&A webinar you’ll get the answers to questions like:

  • How can my media network drive omnichannel marketing experiences post-cookies? 
  • What measurement strategies are a must-have for advertisers?
  • How can I get more innovative with onsite and offsite ad offerings?

Kevin Dunn

Vice President of Industry Sales, Retail & CPG, LiveRamp

Lori Johnshoy

Industry Strategy Director, Retail & CPG, LiveRamp