Navigating the Fragmented World of Cross-Screen TV

Utilizing measurement to manage your cross-screen investments

Learn how to harness cross-screen measurement to manage your TV investments.

Technology is giving consumers new ways to view TV content beyond their living room antenna, and it’s providing a plethora of data for brands to activate. However, marketers face the uncertainty of moving massive investments away from industry agreed-upon standards without a clear understanding of new metrics and cross-screen viewership. Not to mention the historical benchmarks to guide those investment decisions.

Check out our new guide Navigating the Fragmented World of Cross-Screen TV to learn:

  • The top four challenges facing the TV ecosystem right now
  • Cross-screen measurement strategies and the five steps you can take today to set yourself up for success
  • How to balance linear TV with CTV/OTT buys using the right data
  • Why custom audiences can be your competitive advantage


About LiveRamp Cross-Screen TV Ad Measurement powered by Data Plus Math:
Marketers can now overcome viewership fragmentation and access the same measurability of TV as digital. LiveRamp TV provides cross-screen ad measurement that accurately captures viewers however and whenever they are watching. Now you can connect ad exposures to business outcomes and measure lift in conversions. Optimize future ad spend with actionable insights on performance by creative, networks, and more.

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