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eMarketer Tech Talk Recap: How to Achieve True Retail Transformation

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“A 30% increase in sales is not uncommon,” Alexis Marcombe, Managing Director of Carrefour Links shared during “How to Achieve True Retail Transformation,” the eMarketer Tech Talk we co-presented. This impressive result was from a Procter & Gamble media campaign launched on Carrefour Links, and should pique the attention of any advertiser looking to optimize media spend. 

With the recent announcement on the expansion of our relationship with Carrefour to eight new countries, we are well-positioned to help companies not only optimize their retail ad spend, but also cater to their different analytical needs and data maturity, including business performance, category management reporting, and shopper insights. 

Boston Consulting Group refers to retail media as a “$100 billion opportunity.” With the additional insights Alexis shared with eMarketer’s audience, it’s easy to see why this growing channel presents a major opportunity for CPG suppliers to connect with consumers and better understand their needs through data collaboration.

Three levels of analytics access

“Historically, CPGs get shopper data. What is unique with Carrefour Links are the three levels of [analytics] access it offers CPG suppliers,” said Vihan Sharma, SVP of Safe Haven and Managing Director, Europe, at LiveRamp. 

These three levels help CPGs scale customer intelligence as they familiarize themselves with Carrefour Links, starting with access to business fundamentals dashboards, moving to packaged consumer insights and analytics, and graduating to a self-service presence within the Carrefour Links platform. At this third level, CPGs can provision their own data scientists to work within a closed environment, secured by LiveRamp, to use their data and Carrefour’s in a privacy-conscious way and generate new insights that would have been impossible to uncover on their own. 

Track what you can imagine

As a result of Carrefour Links’ self-service capabilities, brands can “track what [they] can imagine,” according to Alexis. “We provide raw data that has been refined and connected to directly identifiable information (DII), and they can process the way that they want.” This means that in addition to product sales at each Carrefour store or e-commerce presence—a major unlock in and of itself for CPGs—they can track individual KPIs that matter to their business. 

“The main breakthrough is in TV measurement,” he added. “Advertisers can track efficiency directly on product sales.”

To learn more about how Carrefour Links addresses your media and analytics challenges, watch the full eMarketer Tech Talk now.