How to Maximize TV Inventory for Stronger Reach, Lift, and Monetization | Paramount & Circana

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Personalized cross-screen inventory is one of the most valuable assets for growing your brand and business. 

If you’re eager to deepen customer relationships through addressable inventory or you’re looking for a publishing partner that offers rich customer insights, watch our conversation with Paramount and Circana. We explored how they’re working with LiveRamp to:

  • Maximize inventory value to keep up with evolving consumer behaviors and preferences
  • Accelerate the speed to activation for audiences that brand partners want to reach
  • Unlock stronger reach, lift, scale and other resources for greater marketing impact across custom audiences

Watch on-demand to see how data collaboration can help you reimagine your TV strategies.


Paul Ramirez

VP, Advanced TV and Distribution Platforms Circana

David Krenn

VP, Data Advancement and Vendor Enablement Paramount Advertising

Tara Franceschini

Head of Industry Strategy, Media LiveRamp