Publisher Terms and Conditions for Use of LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution


(when utilizing an authorized reseller)

1. LiveRamp Privacy

  1. Publisher must be approved, in writing (email being sufficient), by LiveRamp’s privacy team which can be contacted at
  2. Publisher must obtain such written approval prior to distribution of Input Sources from each additional geography with such uses governed by the terms accessible at
  3. For any Publisher Data provided to LiveRamp, Publisher represents and warrants that 
    1. it fully owns or has the authority to use the Publisher Data 
    2. in obtaining or collecting the Company Data, it did not violate any applicable law or regulation, or the rights of any third-party;
    3. shall not instruct LiveRamp to process or to take any other action with respect to any such Publisher Data that Publisher knows, or should reasonably know, would violate an applicable Law, Publisher’s own published privacy policies, or any other applicable privacy policies, notices, or disclosure statements. 
    4. it manages user consents, either through LiveRamp and or its subsidiary consent management platform (“CMP”) or a third party CMP. 
  4. Publisher shall not, and shall not allow any third party to re-identify any Envelopes or other materials received from LiveRamp (“ATS Deliverables”) through the Services, associate ATS Deliverables with offline or personally identifiable information (“PII”) and must implement controls, such as access limitations, to minimize risk of employees or contractors accidentally or intentionally merging of offline information with ATS Deliverables 

2. Permitted Uses: 

  1. ATS and Envelopes. Publisher may use ATS and Envelopes: 
    1. For the purpose of passing the Envelope to SSPs and/or platforms that sell publisher inventory for inventory monetization. 
    2. To provide to any LiveRamp-enabled Platform for the purposes of ad targeting, segmentation, personalization, and measurement. 
  2. Registration Wall. Publisher may use the Registration Wall to collect Publisher Data from users for the purposes of building its CRM records and passing the Publisher Data to LiveRamp for the Authenticated Traffic Solution or other LiveRamp Services. 
  3. Prebid Analytics Services. Publisher may use the Prebid Analytics Services for the purposes of  site and inventory management analytics, including, but not limited to analyzing individual and aggregate impression yield, bid density, and average CPMs. 

3. Prohibited Uses. 

  1. Publisher may not pass ATS Deliverables to non-LiveRamp enabled platforms or use the Envelopes otherwise connect to such platforms. 
  2. Publisher shall not sublicense, resell, or share ATS Deliverables received through the Services. 
  3. Publisher shall not create any derivative of ATS Deliverables. 
  4. Publisher shall not modify the ATS Deliverables without express authorization from LiveRamp.
  5. Publisher shall not use the Services or ATS Deliverables for any other purpose. 

4. Licenses and Authorizations. 

  1. Publisher grants LiveRamp all licenses and authorizations necessary to provide the Services including the right to receive PII for the purposes of returning ATS Deliverables and to perform quality control and improve the functionality of the Services. 
  2. LiveRamp owns and retains all right, title, and interest (including, without limitation, all intellectual property rights) in any data, technology, infrastructure, methods, or know-how (including ATS Deliverable but excluding Company Data) in providing its Services.

5. Additional Terms

  1. Publisher will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and, when directed by LiveRamp, make any necessary updates within a commercially reasonable time. 
  2. Publisher shall not use Services:
    1. to send or facilitate any advertising for 
      1. adult entertainment, e.g., pornography; 
      2. illegal firearms 
      3. illegal gambling; and/or
      4.  any product, service, or advertising that is illegal in the locality in which the advertisement is sent or received, including, without limitation, to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or in any way that could be deemed unfair under applicable law. 
    2. for the purposes of:
      1. employment eligibility; 
      2. credit eligibility; (
      3. health care eligibility; 
      4. insurance eligibility, underwriting, and pricing; 
      5. and/or any other FCRA purposes.
  3. LiveRamp is an intended third-party beneficiary with respect to its direct contract between Publisher and Reseller with the right to enforce its terms directly against Publisher.
  4. LiveRamp may, in its sole discretion, refuse to accept Publisher Data or otherwise refuse to provision services to Publisher. 


Last updated: 5/19/21