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Zeotap is a global identity and data platform that offers a deterministic end2end solution to onboard, understand and activate customer data across channels. Zeotap has access to global unique profiles with ID-verified sociodemographic, raw app usage data, and granular purchase intent data from exclusive data sources. Zeotap’s patented “tech and privacy and security by design” approach have resulted in 9 certifications including GDPR & ISO 27001 certification. LiveRamp clients are now able to enrich their onboarded data with our deterministic data layer which includes sociodemographic, app usage and purchase data –– overall allowing for a more complete audience understanding and targeting precision that lends itself to increased marketing ROI.

iWe offer a range of distribution and destination capabilities to enable activation, measurement, insights, and reporting. These partner categories have been assigned to a certification program, which are audited on a bi-annual basis.

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