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Engage DMi

Engage DMi is a leading Big Data driven marketing company in the APAC region, helping businesses deliver exceptional ROI for their marketing campaigns by leveraging Big Data for consumer insights and custom, targeted audiences tailored to their product or service. Through active brand campaigns, competitions, promotions and working with third-party data channels across the APAC region, they have built invaluable insight into consumers and their behaviour. As a result, they’ve amassed an extensive database of segmented, profiled personas for targeting both online and offline on a mass scale. To date, Engage DMi (formally 8D Digital) has worked with global Big Data companies and major brands such as Experian, Equifax, Core logic, Sensis, Ctrip and Vodafone. They offer over 100 different audience segments across Australia and South East Asia via LiveRamp Data Marketplace. By mapping consumer offline data to their online identities via RampID, Engage DMi offers invaluable insights into the ideal target consumers and the optimum medium of choice for engaging in marketing campaigns and promotions.

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