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Datastream Group, Inc

Datastream Group, Inc. is a full service Data and Lead Gen company, have been in business now for over 15 years. We generate leads in multiple verticals, i.e. Mortgage, Solar, Home Improvement, Payday, Auto Finance, Insurances, Auto Warranty and more, and house large volumes of postal, email and telemarketing data, amongst offering other marketing services. We license all or part of our server to companies nationwide for email marketing, data analytics, white label reselling, or to provide data to companies to offer their clients as a bonus. Programmatic/Display: We get millions of records daily (20-35% with hashed emails) and actively work with ad platforms and others using this data for digital/display targeting. We also do data appends as well for linkage purposes. Mobile IDs with Hashed emails are available that can be linked to many attributes in our database. We can serve both display and mobile programmatic. One DB. OneSource from Datastream Group, Inc.. with Offline, Online and Mobile in one place. state of the art data system that allows us to do detailed queries and exports very quickly With direct connect to our consolidated One DB database, you’d be able to access any desired parts of our most popular databases, for either a flat monthly arranged rate by volume or on an as-needed basis.

iWe offer a range of distribution and destination capabilities to enable activation, measurement, insights, and reporting. These partner categories have been assigned to a certification program, which are audited on a bi-annual basis.

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Certification Level
iWe offer three distinct certification levels for partners that meet the criteria for each category specific program. Integrate, Select, and Elite levels are awarded based on the impact the partner has demonstrated with our existing customers.


Partner Certification
iOur certification program is designed to showcase valued partners across our ecosystem and help marketers discover which platforms will be a good fit for their unique business and marketing objectives. To learn more, visit our blog: https://liveramp.com/blog/partner-certification-program/