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Navigating the New Era of Cookieless Identity and Addressability

For many years, digital advertising has relied on the third-party cookie to power the value exchange of the internet—free or reduced-cost content in exchange for advertisements. Unfortunately, the third-party cookie lacks transparency, and the value exchange was not well explained to the consumer.  Now, privacy regulation and big tech’s self-policing are causing the death of […]

Winterberry Group Predicts a New Era of Data Collaboration

If you haven’t explored data collaboration solutions that can help you understand your customers better while preserving data privacy, you might miss the boat on a significant trend. According to recent research from the Winterberry Group, sponsored by LiveRamp, the majority of surveyed marketing leaders in the U.S. said they are either currently collaborating with […]

How TV and Digital Advertising Capabilities Are Converging

The four “flavors” of Advanced TV are opening doors for all kinds of marketers to enter the world of TV advertising. And the industry continues to spectate the growth of digital ad spend vs. TV as both worlds converge. It makes sense. Advertisers aren’t used to people-based TV capabilities, so it may take time to […]

How to Build the Right Tech Stack for Your Business: Three Brands Share Their Strategies

It’s no secret that tech stacks today are more complex than ever before, and the question of DMP vs. CDP vs. whichever new acronym may come next is an ongoing debate. Yet a decision must be made to take control of your data future. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all tech stack, there are plenty of options […]

Explore How Surging Viewership Is Redefining TV Strategies

On June 17th, Variety’s Streaming Room webinar, “Surging Viewership Rewriting TV Measurement Strategies,” kicked off with research presented by LiveRamp’s Christine Grammier, Manager Director, Strategic Growth, featuring key insights focused on cross-screen consumption during shelter-in-place and how brands can better reach their targeted audiences. Todd Spangler, NY Digital Editor, Variety, then led a spirited panel […]

Recap: True Fluidity and Structuring TV Deals to Maximize ROI

In the recent webinar hosted by John Whitfield from MediaPost titled, “True Fluidity and Structuring TV Deals to Maximize ROI,” LiveRamp’s Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer, TV and Jason Moe, VP, Business Development had a lively conversation on how recent viewership trends have accelerated changes in the TV ecosystem. For both media owners and marketers, […]

Owning Your Customer Identity Strategy Now and in the Future

Marketers have never been faced with more change and uncertainty. Privacy compliance in a changing regulatory environment has taken center stage, leading to the implementation of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT), an imminent loss of third-party cookies, and the likely removal of IP addresses and other device-based identifiers. Data deprecation is real, which is why […]

Apple expands ITP default to all browsers—and what that means for you

When Apple unveiled the AppTrackingTransparency Framework (ATTF) at WWDC in June 2020, predictions of identifier for advertisers (IDFAs) opt-out rates emerged. Whether in similarity to limit ad tracking (~30%) or the 70% who have opted out of location tracking, marketers and publishers understand the implications. Just like the deprecation of third-party cookies, a reduction in […]

Five Questions for Evaluating Cross-Screen TV Measurement Providers

With every marketing dollar being scrutinized more than ever before, now is the time to make sure your cross-screen TV measurement partner is transparent about their methodology so you can be sure they meet your needs. We’ve put together an infographic on the five questions you need to ask and why it matters.  Which datasets […]

LiveRamp Named as 2021 Microsoft Client Partner of the Year

We’re thrilled to announce that LiveRamp was recently awarded “Client Partnership of the Year” at the Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards in the Americas, for bringing LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to the global stage and helping drive positive change in the ecosystem. “Partnering with Microsoft Advertising enables us to expand our global footprint to create […]
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