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Recap: True Fluidity and Structuring TV Deals to Maximize ROI

In the recent webinar hosted by John Whitfield from MediaPost titled, “True Fluidity and Structuring TV Deals to Maximize ROI,” LiveRamp’s Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer, TV and Jason Moe, VP, Business Development had a lively conversation on how recent viewership trends have accelerated changes in the TV ecosystem. For both media owners and marketers, […]

Owning Your Customer Identity Strategy Now and in the Future

Marketers have never been faced with more change and uncertainty. Privacy compliance in a changing regulatory environment has taken center stage, leading to the implementation of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT), an imminent loss of third-party cookies, and the likely removal of IP addresses and other device-based identifiers. Data deprecation is real, which is why […]

Apple expands ITP default to all browsers—and what that means for you

When Apple unveiled the AppTrackingTransparency Framework (ATTF) at WWDC in June 2020, predictions of identifier for advertisers (IDFAs) opt-out rates emerged. Whether in similarity to limit ad tracking (~30%) or the 70% who have opted out of location tracking, marketers and publishers understand the implications. Just like the deprecation of third-party cookies, a reduction in […]

Adweek NexTech Recap: First-Party Data, Identity, Activation, and Measurement

Following an unprecedented year, marketers have found themselves having to recalibrate their relationships with technology and their consumers. In late July, Adweek hosted its third annual NexTech to hear from industry leaders like LiveRamp who provided insights into integrated strategies needed to succeed in 2021 and beyond. LiveRamp TV’s Chief Strategy Officer Jay Prasad shared […]

Adweek Webinar Recap: How to Build a Lasting Data Foundation

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” Manuel Cimarosti, Director of Media: Data Strategy & Measurement Analytics at Danone, shared this advice during our Adweek webinar, How to Build a Lasting Data Foundation. He and his team recently completed a nearly two-year-long project, moving from […]

Introducing “Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud,” the LiveRamp Podcast

What’s unsaid when technology, business, and data intersect? A lot. That’s why we’re launching Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud, a podcast from LiveRamp that uncovers the challenges people may think about but not verbalize. Check out our trailer: Our show puts microphones in front of smart people who have a lot to say about […]

Drive Growth through Uncertainty with Innovative Data Strategies

Normal is a word that many yearn for in times of uncertainty. While no one knows when we will return to “normal” and what that even entails, the best we can do is learn to embrace change and figure out how to drive business growth.  This was on my mind when I kicked off our […]

ARF Shopper X Science Recap: Unlocking Insights with Retail Partners

Does our media strategy reflect consumers ever-changing habits? Danone asked itself this question and turned to Numberly and LiveRamp to design an experiment by which the brand could achieve two objectives: Understand the impact of digital on audience segments and their path to purchase. Optimize omnichannel activations based on transactional data. At ARF’s Shopper X […]

LiveRamp Partnership Roundup: Beachfront, Beeswax, Nativo, and more

At LiveRamp, our strength is in our partnerships. Not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data providers, and publishers to our ecosystem, but we’re always deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions. That’s why we’re excited to bring you a roundup of our newest partners and new features for our […]

How to Reach Your Consumers through a Fragmented Ad Ecosystem

As you may have noticed, your consumers aren’t who they used to be.  Like you, they’ve had to navigate the two years following a challenging pandemic, and as a result, their habits and behaviors will never be the same. According to McKinsey & Company, COVID-19 brought about years of consumer behavior changes in the span […]
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