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Customer Story: How Casey’s Boosts Personalization and Efficiency through LiveRamp + Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Integrations: Casey’s & LiveRamp ATS On the heels of our recent integration announcement with Salesforce Genie, we’re delighted to share positive results from Casey’s, an Iowa-based convenience store chain, which uses the LiveRamp Distribution App through the Appexchange. Through this integration, Casey’s has been able to activate their media plans more efficiently than ever […]

How to Build an ABM Account List

Unlike digital marketing for B2C audiences, B2B requires data on an account level. B2B marketers looking to activate account-based marketing campaigns, or ABM, need a deeper understanding of the sales pipeline, account attributes, and engagements as prospects move through the marketing funnel and into the sales cycle.   What Exactly Is ABM (Account-Based Marketing)?  ABM is […]

The ABCs of ABM: Audience Governance

In Part 1 of our ABM (account-based marketing) series, we discussed creating and obtaining account lists as the first step to any ABM program. Next, we’ll look at understanding the audiences that make up those account lists by establishing a set of rules known as audience governance. An audience governance model is a set of […]

What is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) and Do You Need One?

Growing concerns over consumer privacy have led to regulations that now govern how businesses are handling customer data. In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires businesses operating in the European Union (EU) to give consumers control and choice over the personal data that is collected and used, and in most cases, must ask […]

NBCUniversal, LiveRamp, and Google’s Display & Video 360 partner to enable PAIR across CTV – powering better performance for marketers on the big screen

As the digital advertising ecosystem embraces new privacy practices, NBCUniversal wants to enable more effective marketing for its advertisers, as well as power engaging and personalized interactions for customers. Working with LiveRamp, NBCUniversal is implementing Google Display & Video 360 Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR), a solution that enables NBCUniversal to securely and privately reconcile […]

Deliver Next-Generation Customer Experiences with LiveRamp Identity in Databricks Marketplace

LiveRamp’s Identity Resolution Solution is now available on the Databricks Marketplace and Data Intelligence Platform, enabling powerful, cookieless marketing capabilities interoperable with any CDP solution. The days of relying on third-party cookies for reach and measurement are numbered, driving a need for first-party, privacy-centered solutions that keep marketers’ insight into customer behaviors strong. But the […]

LiveRamp and Pinterest Expand Partnership with New Optimization and Measurement Capabilities

In today’s market, every marketer must spend every advertising dollar in an accountable, outcome-based way, necessitating scalable solutions that enable accurate reach and measurement without the faults inherent to third-party cookies or mobile identifiers. Further, with signal loss diminishing the effectiveness of traditional pixel-based measurement, marketers must invest in solutions without the dependency on third-party […]

New data reinforces LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution opportunity for publishers with RampID impressions having an average 45% CPM

On the heels of Chrome deprecating 1% of third-party cookies, some publishers may be starting their cookieless journey, or re-evaluating their current adtech stack. LiveRamp is leading the way towards the final step of this journey, and our cookieless identity infrastructure, including LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, has been years in the making, is scaled with […]

Google’s 1% Third-Party Cookie Deprecation is an Opportunity for Everyone

It’s finally here: today, the ecosystem takes the next step towards finally saying goodbye to the third-party cookie. Maybe you were always planning to make the jump to cookieless this year, or maybe 1% deprecation of third-party cookies in Google’s Chrome revealed some unexpected effects for your marketing stack. No matter what your situation is, […]
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