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Consumers Must Come First—Expanding ATS to Meet the Growing Needs of Mobile

Mobile has become an increasingly important consumer touchpoint, and the global pandemic has made the mobile experience all the more appealing—a one-stop-shop for content, commerce, and entertainment. As engagement on mobile continues to grow, and mobile device makers evolve their policies in response to a rapidly changing privacy landscape, app publishers must adapt to balance […]

LiveRamp Extends Data Connectivity Platform to B2B Marketers

For years, B2B marketers have lacked a central hub they can rely on for all their data-driven B2B marketing needs. Now, with LiveRamp B2B, B2B marketers finally have a global suite of privacy-first B2B solutions for targeting, measurement, analytics, and personalization.  With LiveRamp B2B, you can now: Onboard and activate your first-party B2B data  Extend […]

Snowflake Summit 2022: LiveRamp Solutions on Snowflake’s Native Application Framework

One of LiveRamp’s core goals is to bring our technology where our customers’ data lives—and as public cloud adoption continues its extraordinary growth, that goal has never been more urgent. In our new privacy-centric world, data-savvy businesses face a daunting challenge: how to safely connect their diverse collection of customer data to generate more performance […]

Rokt: The Power of First-Party Data and Near 100% Match Rates

Customers expect more personalized and relevant experiences when they’re shopping online. Rokt—a global leader in e-commerce marketing technology—powers technology that optimizes a user’s online journey and drives maximum value out of every customer transaction moment. That’s where LiveRamp comes in. Because Rokt is a first-party data platform, they have an almost 100% match rate with […]

LiveRamp, Google, and the Advertising Ecosystem: One Week Later

Google’s announcement made a lot of noise last week and with one week’s perspective, we can start to distill the real effect of the announcement vs. the noise. We’ve had a chance to hold many conversations with publishers, partners, marketers, and Google. There are five significant clarifications that are helpful: 1. Chrome is not blocking […]

What Can LiveRamp Safe Haven Do For Me?

Can LiveRamp Safe Haven build and grow my consumer intelligence? Will LiveRamp Safe Haven help me excel at post-cookie marketing? Is LiveRamp Safe Haven a good fit for helping my analysts measure marketing activities effectively and deliver actionable insights? These are some of the most frequently asked questions about LiveRamp Safe Haven, so we recorded […]

LiveRamp Joins Carrefour’s Digital Day 2021: The Future of Data Collaboration in Retail

Boston Consulting Group refers to retail media as a $100 billion opportunity, presenting a major opportunity for CPG suppliers to connect with consumers and better understand their needs through data collaboration. Six years ago we embarked on a journey with Carrefour, a leading global retailer, to not only improve their marketing efforts but accelerate their […]

Unpacking the Ingredients to Sun Basket’s Data-Driven Strategy

As a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) meal-kit space, Sun Basket has hands-on experience when it comes to reaching and obtaining new subscribers. But wild fluctuations in new subscriber acquisition costs and lifetime value (LTV) in an increasingly competitive market caused the Sun Basket team to reexamine their marketing strategy with the help of LiveRamp’s […]

Advertisers, Media Companies, and Audience Suppression: The Perfect Trio

What is the newest and most effective cross-screen advertising trend? It’s audience suppression, and TV marketers are using it to more effectively manage their cross-screen media portfolio. So, what is this approach and where did it come from? Advertisers know that connected TV is on the rise and that they need to activate their data […]

Is the IAB TCF Important to Your Business?

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the EU in 2018, some consumers were quite surprised when privacy notices popped up on the websites they visited. However, in 2020, the EU has reached a point where the absence of privacy statements is more noticeable than their presence. What’s more, consumers are […]
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