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LiveRamp Expands Global Commitment to Addressability

As part of LiveRamp’s continued dedication to building a global, trusted ecosystem, throughout 2021, we will be expanding our presence throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific and entering the Latin American market. We are doubling down on our commitment to extend our global Authenticated Identity Infrastructure, which is live and scaling in all of our current markets. […]

Exploring the New Frontier of Data-Driven TV with Data Plus Math

TV today is no longer just on the big screen in the living room. We’re making our own entertainment choices through various touch points and consuming content from multiple sources like Hulu, Roku, and video-on-demand from your set-top box—all the while, still also watching live TV.  One of the major friction points in the traditional […]

Watch: It’s a Win-Win: How Nestlé France and Numberly Are Building Powerful Data Partnerships in Safe Haven

“We’ve all had so much pressure everywhere on collecting first-party data, and suddenly the magic happens. You can have—in clean rooms—true collaboration between a brand and a retailer.”  The “magic” collaboration that Thibaut Munier, Co-Founder and CEO of Numberly, refers to is data collaboration. During the most recent RampUp, Thibaut shared the immense opportunities that […]

Boost Your B2B Search Engine Marketing

B2B marketers have long come to terms with the unique challenges they face. Between grappling with how to appeal to a panel of decision-makers and navigating sales cycles that span up to a year or more, B2B marketers must focus on strategies that reach their target audience during that critical decision-making moment.  B2B search engine […]

Frequently Asked Questions about People-Based Identity in the Cloud

Thanks to those of you who joined us for, Leverage People-Based Identity in the Cloud, our quick 30-minute webinar on our new partnership with the Google Cloud Platform. Here are answers to questions we weren’t able to get to during the live session: Is it best practice to have identity management decoupled from existing IT […]

RampUp: Moving Diversity and Inclusion Forward

The statistics around diversity and inclusion in technology are grim. Wired reported that Apple’s percentage of black technical workers remained at 6% from 2014 to 2019. Other tech giants have added some black and Latinx engineers, but failed to gain one full percentage point over the five-year span. At another tech powerhouse, women compose 23% […]

Why B2B Measurement Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

Marketing teams spend countless hours each year on campaign planning, from determining budgets and campaign goals to defining audiences, messaging, and KPIs. Often, measurement marks the end of a campaign, rather than a step within the journey. But leaving measurement for post-campaign analysis can mean disregarding the time and effort spent on each component of […]

LiveRamp Innovation Studio: IdentityLink in the Bidstream

The programmatic ecosystem faces growing challenges. An increase in state and federal regulations brought upon by GDPR and the upcoming CCPA has led to a number of state and federal bills following suit to tackle the issue of how to remain privacy-conscious. These regulations also prompted the sunsetting of third-party cookies, leaving many confused when […]

Data Clean Rooms: A Complete Guide

What is a Data Clean Room? In scientific research or manufacturing, a clean room is a strictly controlled environment that reduces the level of contaminants which can put sensitive work at risk. A data clean room is very similar, and the use of these digital spaces is now growing in popularity due to the loss […]

How to Elevate the Conversation for the 2020 TV Upfront

As we move closer to the end of the year, advertisers are wrapping up their Upfront commitments, launching their holiday campaigns, and preparing for 2020 Upfront. How do you handle the strategic planning while juggling the craze of the holiday season?  The answer lies in the data. Measure your Q4 efforts to have a clear […]
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