Next-Generation Data Collaboration for Retailers

Insights are key to accelerating business, but retail data has been underutilized due to infrastructure challenges and privacy concerns. Safe Haven provides an infrastructure for retailers to securely collaborate and capitalize on the value of their data to achieve competitive advantage on a global scale.

Transform Retail Globally with Safe Haven

The world’s leading brands anticipate customer needs by safely and securely accessing new data sets to understand the complete customer journey more holistically while maintaining full control of their data.


Flexible Data

Make the most of your data with an infrastructure designed with configurable privacy controls to protect consumer data at the highest levels.


Surface Unparalleled

Collaborate with partners to improve consumer intelligence and deliver personalized experiences.


Optimize Your Customer View

Connect data across channels without moving it to optimize and compete against walled gardens.

How CVS Health Created Its Media Platform

CVS shares best practices for building a retail advertising business to better serve CPG partners by providing them with unmatched access to retail data and the ability to capitalize on untapped business opportunities.


Providing Suppliers with Unparalleled Access to Data and Insights

Data collaboration unlocks a wealth of new consumer and category insights for CPG organizations globally. Maintain customer centricity with a neutral, flexible, privacy-first data infrastructure that withstands changing regulations and industry trends. 

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There are infinite possibilities when you have the data infrastructure to support collaboration. Download our use case library to learn how you can revolutionize your data strategy.

How LiveRamp can help you

Chances are, the data you have access to isn’t enough to help you fully understand your audiences—but it could be game-changing if it were safely connected, optimized, and activated with the right partner. LiveRamp Safe Haven helps you safely and securely collaborate with trusted partners and set tailored privacy controls, all to accelerate your business in ways that were previously thought impossible.

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Case Study

Danone Increases Addressable Reach by 34% and E-Commerce Sales by 17%

Data Monetization

How Retailers and CPGs Can Secure Powerful Data Collaboration Relationships


Winterberry Group Report: Collaborative Data Solutions


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