Built-in Privacy Controls for Data Activation

Your data is always in your control with Safe Haven. Activate your data on our secured platform with pre-approved partners to personalize the customer experience.

Solution Overview

Your partners have different insights about the target audiences you share, and many offer unique media placements and experiences. Activating your data easily and securely with the partners that matter most to you is the key to differentiating yourself and growing your market advantage.

Safe Haven helps you consolidate identities in a privacy-conscious manner, create and expand segments, develop precise lookalikes, and activate these audiences in a fully privacy-protected work stream. By offering better customer experiences to your target audiences, you’ll reduce ad spend and improve media efficiency.


Easy, secure data connections

Your data may currently live in silos for a reason. We work with your team to easily and securely connect data with the proper controls. Whether it’s inside or outside your enterprise or originates from online or offline interactions, connected data helps you know your customers better and deliver more relevant and personalized experiences. We facilitate data access, ensuring it is available on demand and permissioned to use when you need it.


Tailored privacy controls

Your data remains under your control, no matter how many partners you collaborate with internally and externally. Safe Haven enables you to apply the permissions you want to every data element and table and associate each with permissioned use cases. 

With our audits, role-based controls, and management overviews, you can rely on a secure SaaS environment built with privacy-by-design principles.


Boost data usage and efficacy

If data isn’t activated, it adds no value to your business. Activate your data through Safe Haven, a GDPR- and CCPA-compliant platform that’s integrated with more than 500 partners, including top publishers, agencies, data providers, and technology platforms. Our direct partner integrations ensure that your data doesn’t move and remains securely under your control.

Safe Haven Overview


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