Identity Resolution: B2B Identity Resolution

Onboarding Your B2B Data

Unlock the power of your first-party B2B data with onboarding to create and target audiences accurately and at scale. You have the ability to target on the professional and/or account based level. 

B2B Onboarding at Scale

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Many of our B2B client marketers onboard professional audiences at scale, incorporating contacts that reside in their systems of records. Specifically built for B2B marketers, LiveRamp B2B’s onboarding enables you to address your professional audience with an average match rate of 45%, and with some clients we see match rates over 60% for their B2B audiences.



5-Minute Primer: Why Identity Resolution Matters for B2B Marketers

Identity Resolution

Everything B2B marketers need to know about third-party data


Using Intent Data to Determine Your B2B Buyers

B2B Marketing

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