Embedded Identity for Measurement Platforms

Measure More Effectively

Customer journeys only continue to fragment. To combat this and unify complex paths to purchase, resolve offline, online cross-device, cross-platform, and third-party data through LiveRamp for more accurate, people-based measurement.

Close the Loop

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Offline transactions matched to online impressions
Accurately resolve offline conversion data to cross-device impressions to track the customer journey and deepen marketers’ knowledge of their audiences. Connecting the dots between digital media exposure and offline purchases gives you a more robust understanding of your platform’s ability to drive brand ROI.

Attribute with Accuracy

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Multi-touch attribution, measured across devices
Resolve cross-device impressions to IdentityLinks, LiveRamp’s people-based, privacy- conscious identifiers. This enables intelligent attribution across online and offline touchpoints, and accurate credit allocation to the messages, offers, campaigns, and channels that drive the highest conversions for your clients.

Connect to Perfect

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Multi-platform measurement
Match data from LiveRamp’s 600+ integration partners for collaborative, innovative measurement offerings. Activate your data for advanced analytics, modeling, measurement, and optimization.

Bridge the Gap

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Improved insights with third-party data
LiveRamp’s data marketplace provides immediate access to custom data sets, making it easy to garner unique measurement insights. Tie together different data sets and prove the value of your data, providing measurement to marketers that connects your data with campaign and transaction data at the individual-level.

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