Digital Identity Linking

Match and Distribute Data between Platforms and Applications

Orchestrating and measuring customer experiences online requires moving data between platforms and applications in a privacy-centric manner. LiveRamp resolves data across channels so you can leverage the cookies, mobile IDs, proprietary platform IDs, or IdentityLinks associated with your audience anywhere you need with single, person-based identifiers. 

Data Portability

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Send your data to the platforms of your choice
Data becomes more valuable when it is accessible and portable. Our clients maximize the value of their data by making it available across the digital ecosystem through our extensive integrations.


Unified Identity

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Maintain consumer reach across multiple destinations
Direct integrations with us allow you to match your identifiers to mobile devices, proprietary platform IDs, and IdentityLinks, producing a unified picture of your audience.

Deterministic Accuracy

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Every match based on authenticated traffic
Marketers need confidence that their audiences are accurate in order to personalize across digital channels. Our identity graph uses deterministic matches exclusively from user login, not based on probabilistic models or assumptions, for maximum accuracy across devices and platforms.

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