Onboarding and Activation: Social

Augment Your Audience for Social

Meet your audiences where they spend most of their time—social media. Through LiveRamp, take your first-, second-, and third-party data sets, resolve it to anonymized IdentityLinks, activate this information across all your social media platforms, and measure campaign ROI by tying social media exposure to offline transactions.


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Expand Custom Audiences
Our custom-built integrations augment your Facebook audiences by:

  • Extending your reach: Using LiveRamp’s deterministic identity graph can drive incremental matches
  • Providing access to unique data: LiveRamp’s data marketplace provides access to Facebook-approved syndicated, custom, and exclusive data providers
  • Being privacy-conscious: With LiveRamp’s Custom ID (CID) integration, sensitive customer data is never sent directly to Facebook


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Tweets That Pop
With LiveRamp’s Twitter integration, advertisers can ensure their promoted videos and tweets show up in front of the right audience. Engage with the customers you want—and suppress the ones you don’t—to improve campaign ROI, overall engagement, and customer experience.


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Make sure the right audience sees your Stories
With some of the more engaging formats available in today’s advertising landscape, Snapchat can be a highly effective platform to reach your target demographic and increase brand awareness. Through LiveRamp, you can make sure your Stories reach new audiences to extend your visibility or continue to appear in your most loyal customers’ feeds.


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Sponsored pins that stand out
It can be difficult to stand out on a visually driven platform like Pinterest. By using LiveRamp, you can reach your audience with first-, second-, or third-party data to achieve better segmentation and ensure that your sponsored pins are shown to the right users, all while maintaining consumer privacy.


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Engage with Professionals
With LiveRamp’s LinkedIn integration, marketers can leverage first-, second-, or third-party data to ensure their promoted posts reach the right audience and accounts. Engage with the customers and prospects you want—and suppress the ones you don’t—to improve campaign ROI, overall engagement, and customer experience.


Optimizing Facebook Campaigns with Third-Party Data

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