Onboarding and Activation: Creative Personalization

Improve Programmatic through Creative Optimization

You can use first-party data to serve personalized creative, giving your customers a tailored experience just for them. We can help you onboard your first-party data in a privacy-conscious way to leading creative ad platforms enabling advanced personalization. Our robust partner integrations allow advertisers to deliver more relevant and meaningful ad experiences, driving stronger engagement.

Better Experiences

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Tailor creative to better reach new or existing customers
More data to augment means greater precision in dynamic creative optimization for your campaigns. Deliver the best experiences with the most relevant content to the best platforms based on your audience. Drive higher conversions and stronger customer acquisition at a lower cost.

Informed Decisions

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Higher ROAS based on offline customer data
Use offline and online, first-, second-, and third-party data to augment your knowledge base for more informed, creative decisioning in campaign planning, enhancing customer reach to a truly relevant, people-based level. LiveRamp’s data marketplace offers unique data segments from the industry’s top, trusted data providers.

Valuable Insights

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Gain actionable insights to maximize future campaigns
Achieve better performing and more informed campaigns with accurate ad targeting and reliable A/B and multivariate ad testing. With creative personalization, marketers and analysts can test creative optimization at scale to uncover robust insights much faster, delivering incremental benefits that continually deliver results.

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