Onboarding and Activation: DMPs

Data Management Platform: Supercharge Your DMP with Identity

Your DMP (Data Management Platform) is a major asset. With our focus on accuracy and deterministic reach, LiveRamp helps DMPs go beyond basic list activation by enabling them to ingest matched offline data with email, name, and postal. By sending and purchasing data through LiveRamp and the Data Marketplace, you can get people-based, resolved identity into your DMP for execution across LiveRamp’s 500+ partners.

Boost Reach

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Benefit from our network effects
Imagine an intricate subway system with countless trains, stations, and rails. This image represents the omnichannel ecosystem we power, an immense network of brands, agencies, technology providers, publishers, and data providers that we work with. Boost your data management platform’s reach by leveraging our 500+ partner integrations and online footprint of 825 million devices.


Eliminate Dropoff

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Go beyond your DMP’s IDs
When DMPs are modeling audiences based on their internal ID, they don’t have a full picture of your audience across the open web. With LiveRamp, your data management platform can implement analysis and modeling use cases based on your full offline audience with greater legitimacy.


Identity Untethered

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There’s no reason to limit your people-based data to your DMP. Identity can flow through your entire martech stack to power any number of people-based use cases to optimize your campaigns, more accurately measure ROAS, and more.


Understand Users Across Devices


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