B2B Onboarding

Unlock the power of your first-party B2B data to create and target audiences accurately and at scale in a privacy-conscious manner.

Leverage first-party data to supercharge your B2B marketing


Precision targeting at the individual and account level

The LiveRamp B2B Identity Graph enables sophisticated, data-driven marketing strategies at the individual and account level with accuracy, reach, flexibility, and scale. Improve your marketing spend efficiency by increasing both the number of people you can reach and the opportunities to reach them. Target actual individuals without ever compromising privacy.


Maximize reach without sacrificing accuracy

Reach your B2B targets on more of their devices across multiple channels, at a scale that matters. Specifically built for B2B marketers on deterministic matches, LiveRamp’s B2B’s identity graph delivers maximum accuracy across devices and channels. Average match rate is 45% for professional contact lists, with some clients seeing match rates over 60% for their B2B audiences.


Match and distribute data across platforms and applications

Maximize the value of your data and seamlessly maintain reach across our extensive integrations with over 500 destination partners (DSPs, DMPs, social platforms, advanced TV, and more) to streamline and optimize your marketing efforts.


People- and account-based marketing

Resolve online and offline professional data to persistent pseudonymous identifiers across channels and devices. Optimize for any type of B2B marketing strategy with iIndividual- and account-level identity resolution.


Privacy by design

LiveRamp’s universal opt out ensures that privacy preferences are respected across every addressable touch point with a single opt-out. Our identity graph was designed with privacy in mind to keep customer data safe while providing data-driven use cases for comprehensive marketing campaigns across devices and channels.

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