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Activate Global Audiences

Reach the global B2B audiences you want with people-based precision at the company level. Audience segments are available as off-the-shelf solutions, and custom audiences can also be tailored to your needs in global markets.

Audience Types

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Finding the right audience for your B2B campaign 

B2B marketers need very specific data to run successful campaigns. Our data marketplace offers easy access to syndicated and custom audiences types, including firmographic audiences based on segments like company size and industry, audiences based on technology used, role and seniority of decision-makers at the organization, ABM data, and much more.

Syndicated Audiences

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Easily identify your target audience 

Syndicated audience segments from LiveRamp B2B’s data marketplace provide B2B marketers with “off-the-shelf” segments that are a quick and simple way to reach your audience based on your campaign criteria. 

Custom Audiences

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Developing audiences tailor-made for your needs

Custom audiences can easily be built to your specifications based on professional, firmographic, technographic, B2B intent, and account-based marketing criteria. We consult with you to understand your goals and success metrics, ensuring each custom audience fits your specific needs. Once we develop your defined custom audiences, we will send that to the delivery platforms you choose.

ABM Audiences

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Build your account-based audiences

Reaching the right audience at target accounts is challenging for B2B marketers, especially when decisions can made by seven or more stakeholders. LiveRamp B2B makes your targeting easier and more accurate. Using top B2B data providers, we create account-based marketing (ABM) audiences and distribute them to your chosen advertising platforms, enabling you to execute your campaigns in global markets.

Ethically Sourced, Trusted Data

LiveRamp’s Global Data Ethics and Public Policy Program, founded in 1991, is constantly evolving with the digital world to prioritize consumer privacy. We incorporate strict standards into our review of all third-party data so buyers can be confident that data sourced from LiveRamp is ethical; that consumers are provided notice, opt-out, and choice management; and that its intended purpose is permissible.



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