Data Marketplace: Audience Strategy

High-Quality, Privacy-Compliant, Portable Data

LiveRamp’s Data Marketplace is the absolute simplest way to find and use ethically sourced data from over 180 providers to solve unique business challenges. All data is grounded in accurate and scalable identity and available with a single agreement.

Audiences for Social

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Optimize campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more

When first-party data isn’t an option or doesn’t go far enough, you can use third-party data for your data-driven marketing campaigns. LiveRamp’s unique integrations with social platforms enable you to easily discover, license, and distribute ethically sourced audiences to boost performance.

Audiences for Programmatic

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Expand reach, increase precision, and optimize

Increase the precision or expand the reach of your digital campaigns on programmatic platforms by supplementing your first-party data with trusted third-party data from over 180 leading data providers, supporting all industries and encompassing all types of data.  

Providers include sources and brands exclusive to LiveRamp and data partnerships enabled by our platform.

Audiences for TV

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Build audiences and measure and optimize addressable, linear, and OTT campaigns

Say goodbye to broad age and gender targets. Using ethically sourced third-party audiences in addressable TV and OTT platforms opens up a wealth of data-driven use cases. You can optimize media plans by indexing against trusted third-party audiences for data-driven linear, perform closed-loop attribution to measure campaign ROI with transaction data, or use location data to measure foot traffic before and after a campaign.

Audiences for Insights

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Data for analytics and augmentation

Your existing customer knowledge got you this far. Supplement what you know with third-party data for audience augmentation and analytics. Syndicated and custom audiences can be used to identify customers who have purchased competitor products, visited your stores or your competitors’, and analyze their brand loyalties and purchase habits.

Ethically Sourced, Trusted Data

LiveRamp’s Global Data Ethics and Public Policy Program, founded in 1991, is constantly evolving with the digital world to prioritize consumer privacy. We incorporate strict standards into our review of all third-party data so buyers can be confident that data sourced from LiveRamp is ethical; that consumers are provided notice, opt-out, and choice management; and that its intended purpose is permissible.



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