Measurement: LiveRamp Cross-Screen TV Ad Measurement powered by Data Plus Math

Measure TV Advertising across All Screens and Streams

Marketers can now overcome viewership fragmentation and access the same measurability of TV as digital. LiveRamp TV provides cross-screen ad measurement that accurately captures viewers however and whenever they are watching. Now you can connect ad exposures to business outcomes and measure lift in conversions. Optimize future ad spend with actionable insights on performance by creative, networks, and more.


TV, Validated

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Use measurement to prove TV’s value

Data Plus Math provides comprehensive measurement across linear TV, household addressable, CTV and OTT platforms, and digital video ads. Cross-screen ad measurement includes providing metrics ranging from cross-screen reach frequency to full attribution based on custom brand KPIs. Measure and quantify the impact that TV and premium video have on your business.

Actionable Insights

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The data you need to make smart decisions

Granular reporting provided by Data Plus Math allows you to drill down and draw actionable insights for media optimizations and planning. View data reported, including day parts, networks, platforms, and creative performance against custom audiences. Make smarter media investment decisions using accurate TV ad measurement to understand the true impact of your campaigns.

CTV Simplified

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Measure your connected TV advertising

CTV is integral in combating viewership fragmentation and offers seemingly infinite possibilities on where to allocate your ad spend. Utilize cross-screen reach and frequency to understand the incrementality of your CTV buys. With the addition of first-, second-, and third-party data like purchase behavior and website visits, you are able to activate and measure your intended target audience to drive business outcomes and deliver solid returns on investment.


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Measure and Buy TV Based on Real-World Outcomes


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