Measurement: B2B Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

A Comprehensive B2B Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Solution

Improve reach to target accounts and measure the true impact of your B2B account-based marketing campaigns. Leverage LiveRamp B2B audiences to reach more of the buying committee at more accounts and across more markets. Then, measure and optimize ABM strategies across channels as well as the impact on pipeline and revenue with LiveRamp B2B measurement.

Reach those who count, where it matters most


Precision targeting at the account level

Drive your B2B account-based marketing strategies with account-level targeting and measurement. Identity resolution enables you to reach employees at your target accounts to ensure you’re influencing the right decision-makers. Resolve online and offline data for individuals to privacy-conscious identifiers across channels and devices that then roll up to the account level.


Reach your buyers and influencers

Uncover unknown decision-makers and influencers while also overcoming first-party data quality concerns for known contacts with LiveRamp’s B2B identity resolution technology. Deliver B2B ABM campaigns globally across more than 100 markets.


Accelerate ABM campaigns

Move more quickly from account list creation to execution of your B2B ABM campaigns. Eliminate the guesswork and delays that come after aligning with sales on account lists by working with a single point of contact from LiveRamp B2B as your white glove audience creation service.


Improve alignment on ABM campaigns

Tie in CRM data and measure across digital channels to drive a single view into the performance of your B2B ABM campaigns. Leverage insights across channels such as programmatic, direct display, organic, search, and social to optimize your investments, measure ROI, and better align to your ABM strategies.


Optimize campaigns with privacy-conscious data

Choose the data that best supports your B2B ABM goals and helps measure the impact on sales revenue. Leverage your internal data such as weblogs, CRM data, and account lists. Select from leading third-party data providers or leverage an existing partnership.

ABM audiences

Get the ABM reach and scale you need with global audience data to reach decision-makers at more of your target accounts.

Account-based measurement reports

Understand the impact of your campaigns with account-level insights from an online suite of customizable and dynamic reports and visualizations.



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