Measurement: Advertising Exposure Identity Linking

People-Based Measurement for the Open Internet

Consumers are everywhere online, which means you need to scale beyond walled gardens. With LiveRamp, you can reach and measure people-based audiences across the open web.

Unified Measurement

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Standardize your exposure data
Through the Open Internet Measurement Standard, an initiative of the Ad ID Consortium,  LiveRamp has created a standardized exposure log format with a people-based ID. This information can be shared with your third-party measurement provider or your in-house analytics environment so you can measure ROI accurately, optimize on the right data, and gain visibility into the customer journey, all in a privacy-conscious manner.

Unified Insights

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Get the full picture
Connecting your CRM and transaction data to exposure data from across the web through the Open Internet Measurement Standard links data at the person level. This enables more accurate planning, attribution, and testing to maximize insight, revenue, and customer value.



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The Journey to People-Based Measurement


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