Measurement: Omnichannel Identity Linking

Improve Your Bottom Line

Measuring digital marketing return on investment and return on ad spend can be inaccurate if you have blind spots when mapping the customer journey. Determine your true impact on brand awareness and conversions by measuring your data across devices and channels on a people-based level. Through omnichannel identity linking, LiveRamp can help you visualize, connect, and measure all of the customer touchpoints driving sales.

Actionable Data

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Fuel better opportunities for optimization
Measuring ROI on a people-based level is a virtuous cycle. By connecting your CRM and transaction data through LiveRamp to marketing campaign data, you’ll have a clear view into what’s working to not only optimize campaigns, revenue, and customer lifetime value, but also to inform future strategies and tactics.

Personalize Experiences

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Fuel better interactions with your customers
True one-to-one interactions and meaningful experiences with customers are possible when you can recognize a customer in your CRM and online. LiveRamp can identify IDs that represent new, loyal, or lapsed customers across the open web in a privacy-conscious manner so you can engage appropriately on their device or channel of choice.



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Identity Resolution

The Journey to People-Based Measurement


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