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Improve access ingest and unify data
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Your cloud, your way

Initiate people-based marketing programs in your cloud

Activate audiences from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud CDP:  Start new business opportunities and reach your customers in a more personalized way at scale through the LiveRamp Distribution app on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud CDP Appexchange. 

  • Activate across our network of over 500 platforms and partners
  • Eliminate sending directly identifiable personal data into the greater ecosystem 
  • Enhance reach and enable cookieless activation with RampID

Identity resolution in Snowflake: Resolve all disparate identifiers directly in your Snowflake environment to maximize your investment.  

  • Match against email data while preserving all table attributes
  • Privacy-conscious resolution of email matches to RampID

Expanded RampID reach: Integrate and connect RampIDs with your strategic partners, enhancing your data strategy without the need to share raw or hashed directly identifiable personal data, right in your cloud environment.

  • Expanded RampID to RampID transcoding across the ecosystem
  • Easily configure RampID to RampID transcoding without an API
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Deeper TV insights

Tuning in for deeper TV Insights with better forecasting and planning

Contextual data insights with IRIS.TV: Improve forecasting and planning abilities for TV through contextual data insights.

  • Include contextual signals like genre and rating to enhance TV buys
  • Ad-break-level insights for planning

Deeper analysis with Comscore: Expand your attribution reporting with website and app install data. 

  • Faster turnaround times on Comscore panel cross-screen measurement reporting 
  • Full-funnel analysis with Comscore STB data and cross-screen measurement

Improved CTV graph: Increase match rates through our updated CTV infrastructure.

  • More intelligent and stable identity graph
  • Significantly increase CTV match rates
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Easily use data

Using data has never been easier

Closed-loop measurement through StackAdapt: The latest partner to join our attribution program enables brands to measure new, valuable outcomes on their platform.

  • Measure offline conversions from StackAdapt 
  • Enable closed-loop reporting and tie sales directly to campaigns run on the StackAdapt Platform

Keep your data fresh and relevant with Record Sync: Maintain higher user accuracy in the audiences you are activating. 

  • Increase ROI through more precise targeting, applying the latest and most relevant audience
  • Simplify workflows, saving time and effort

New data collaboration experience: Improvements to the collaboration experience and workflows make it easier than ever to safely and securely connect with partners.

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