LiveRamp has partnered with hundreds of customers from small startups to Fortune 500 global brands to share their success stories with others in the industry. Now, we’re turning that spotlight on you.

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The LiveRamp Masters of Marketing Program

We want to promote you: your successes in your role, and when appropriate, share your successes with LiveRamp. We’ll help turn the spotlight on your work, finding the right opportunities and formats that match your interests and goals.

Our team is dedicated to acting as your own personal marketing organization, finding opportunities matched to your goals that will help you shine.

As a member of the Masters of Marketing Program, we will:

Build your reputation as a thought leader

Showcase your success—and your innovative ways of solving problems

Help you gain recognition for your success through industry awards and nominations

Invite you to network with industry peers and LiveRamp executives at events

Introduce you to key influencers in the press and analyst communities

Ensure you always receive a white glove experience

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The Masters of Marketing Spotlight Series

We want to understand how the world’s best marketers are solving, succeeding, and thinking about today’s business challenges—and how that impacts their role as a data driven marketer. Let us help you simply tell your story.

Ready to Share Your Story?

We take great pride in showcasing our customers’ successes and elevating you to the hero status you deserve. If you’d like to share your story, get started by telling us a little more about your goals and motivations.

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