Preparing for Measurement in a
Cookieless World

As the industry migrates away from third-party cookies and other device identifiers, marketers will have to find new ways to measure their digital media performance. Learn how to be strategic and seamlessly transition to this new frontier of data activation and measurement.

Establishing the New Way to Measure ROI

For marketers to set themselves up for success, they need to consider buying and measuring on authenticated solutions to achieve:



Once third-parties cookies and device identifiers are gone, all benchmarks will be erased. In order to create new baselines, run your normal campaigns in tandem with buying and measuring using authenticated solutions. Marketers can use these insights now to model and craft their long-term measurement strategy accurately without relying on impressions or cookie- or device-based identifiers.



Many brands have about 60% of their media spend bought and measured through walled gardens using their proprietary people-based IDs, but use cookies to buy and measure on the open web. Now is the time for marketers to start buying on authenticated solutions across the open web to be consistent and measure apples to apples, meaning you can measure open web programmatic against walled gardens.



Marketers know that targeting and measuring are often imprecise because cookies are fundamentally flawed given their inability to distinguish individual devices from shared devices, and that cookies are subject to expiry. Using authenticated solutions makes 100% of your impressions measurable and reliable across the entire advertising ecosystem.

Download our e-book to take a deeper dive into why these three pillars of measurement are what every marketer needs to focus on today to plan, execute, and measure their campaigns effectively now and in the future.

How LiveRamp can help you

LiveRamp has been developing and implementing products such as our Authenticated Traffic Solution for over fouryears. Over 400+ brands use our neutral, privacy-centric, and secure data connectivity platform to connect with the rest of the advertising ecosystem. 

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