Brand Innovators Livecasts

TV & Cross-Screen Measurement

Take a deep dive into the r(evolution) of cross-screen TV activation and measurement in a series of 1:1 conversations with savvy marketers as they explore addressability, custom audiences, the future state of premium video & TV, and the data you need to make it all work.

Rewriting TV Buying Strategies
Aaron Baker, Head of Media Analytics, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Flexibility and Fluidity: What do TV Partnerships Look Like in 2021?
Beth Reilly, Head of Integrated Media, Partnerships, and Social, Northwestern Mutual
How Comprehensive Cross-Screen Data = Cross-Screen TV Measurement Today
Carol Hinnant, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore
Measuring and Activating across All Screens & Streams
Marcie PĂ©rez, Associate Director of Media & Performance Marketing, Cadillac
1:1 Conversations with Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Northwest Mutual, Comscore, and Cadillac
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